About Markplus Learning Academy

Markplus is a great start to achieve your success.

Markplus Learning Academy was founded with our vision to provide the best quality guidance for State Board and CBSE Students. Our Basic focus on Science Students with Engineering and Medical entrance exam(JEE/NEET/CET).

Hence , Markplus Learning Academy has been growing by constantly adopting to various and varied changes brought about in education system.

Testimony to our growth is the fact that we have Aim to produce Quality Education for students.

Since it's inception,

Markplus Learning Academy has seen many students pass through its portals successfully. But what makes Markplus Learning Academy extremely popular with students are it's Specialized Course for NEET /JEE / MHT-CET.

Afterall the combination of original trusted system and Qualified Faculty followed at Markplus Learning Academy.

Markplus Learning Academy Notes and Test has produced the best results for students. Making sure that for ambitious students a course at Markplus Learning Academy remains 1st Choice.

We also provide outstanding guidance for CET and other compititive exams.


  • Teaching as per Board/CBSE Pattern with the focus on Competitive Exams.
  • Perfect teaching for all subjects.
  • Through preparation for Physics , Chemistry, Maths and Biology.
  • Personal guidance and revision
  • Weekly Unit Test.
  • Prelim s after completion of syllabus
  • Full time available Expert Teachers.
  • Perfect preparation and Practice
  • Perfect note s for every subject.
  • Guidance for Competitive exam like IIT JEE/NEET/CET/BITSAT/VITEEE/NDA
  • Perfect planning and Careful Execution of syllabus.
  • Consistent and discipline work culture.
  • Personal Attention to every student
  • Personality development.

MarkPlus Learning Academy

विद्यार्थी हिताय, विद्यार्थी सुखाय.

Coaching Beyond the Classrooms...

By Prof CHATE (GATE Qualified, IIT Roorkee)

Our centers of excellence

Exclusive Centers

Marlplus learning academy has been designed to provide the best facilities to students. Academy is conveniently situated in prime location.

Academic Sources

To save students time, centers have an updated academic library with the 10 most popular book in subject, last 10 year board papers and chosen classic books by foreign authors.


Marlplus learning academy centers has well furnished classrooms and is equipped with technological features.

Friendly Staff

The entire team has only one objective: to drive better result from Marlplus learning academy students. Theteaching and non-teaching staff thus guide students at each & every step of there preperation.


Courses we run at Markplus Learning Academy

Foundation course

Study Material - Phy, Chem, Maths,
Bio + Notes and Assignment printed

Daily Class - 3hrs + Assignments

Unit Test- Sunday(Theroy + Entrance)



XI class - syllabus completion with JEE/MHT-CET/NEET

Unit Test - Sunday (Theory + Entrance)

Study Material - Phy, Chem, Maths, Bio + Notes and Assignment printed

Daily Class - 3hrs + Assignments



Unit Test - Sunday (Theory + Entrance)

Study Material - Phy, Chem, Maths, Bio
+ Notes and Assignment printed

Daily Class - 3hrs + Assignments

SSC and CBSC Study Pattern

Regular basis - Class as per the respective subjects

Sunday- Unit Test(Theroy + Entrance)

Study Material- chem, bio

Daily Class - 3hrs

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